The Legend of Akhtamar Island

The origin of the Armenian name Akhtamar Island is lost through the centuries and explained by a romantic legend about the tragic love of a fearless young man for a girl named Tamar.

Long, long ago, in unforgettable times, King Artashes had a daughter of unprecedented beauty named Tamar.

Many wanted to marry her. But she gave her heart to the common man Azat. Having learned of this, the harsh prince imprisoned his daughter in a castle on the island of Lake Van.

The waters of Vana lay between the lovers, but every night Tamar lit an oil lamp, on which her lover sailed.

For a long time, he sailed in cold dark waters, but the scarlet flower of fire instilled courage in his heart. And only the shy sister of the sun Lusin, staring from behind the clouds in the dark sky, witnessed the meeting of lovers.

But one day a raging storm extinguished the lamp, and Tamar could not light the fire, and Azat without the landmark fire was lost in the water spaces, for a long time he fought against the dark will of the water spirits, and got out of his forces.

Oh, Tamar! – he whispered, appearing from the water for the last time. – Why didn’t you save the fire of our love?
“Oh, Tamar! » – the echo – the voice of kaji, the winds of wind – picked up and blew over the waters of Van. “Oh, Tamar! “

And the Tsar ordered the beauty Tamar to be imprisoned forever in her palace.

In grief and grief, she mourned for her lover until the end of her days, not taking off the black scarf from her frayed hair.

Iren Vardanyan in Armenians And Armenia

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