The Legend of Duduk – Armenian Legends

The Legend of Duduk – Armenian LegendsOnce flying over the mountains, Young Wind noticed a beautiful tree, likes of which he had never seen before. He was enchanted by it. Touching the teeth of the tree’s leaves, he extracted wonderful melodies spreading far around.

When Supreme Wind learned about this, he cast his anger upon the mountains, destroying almost the whole vegetation. Spreading over his tree, Young Tree attempted to save it with all his might.

Then, the Lord of Winds told him, “Stay if you wish! But henceforth, you will be able to fly no longer!”

Happy Wind was about to fold down his wings when the Lord halted him, “No, this is too much simple. The wings will remain with you. You will be able to fly anytime. But at the very moment you take off, the tree will die.”

Young Wind didn’t dither, after all, he still had both the wings and the tree.

Everything went wonderfully, but when autumn came, the tree went bare, losing its flowers and leaves Wind had been playing with. Young Wind yearned greatly for his loss. His brethren played around, plucking the last leaves of the surrounding trees. Filling the mountains with their victorious noises, they as if invited him to their triumphal rituals.

Soon, Young Wind was no longer able to hold himself and joined them, killing the tree instantaneously. Merely a branch keeping a particle of the wind remained. After a while, a boy found it during one of his trips for brushwood. He crafted a flute, which upon being brought to one’s lips as if by itself played a sad melody of parting.

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Jivan Gasparyan “Gladiator Theme”, 65 Years on Stage – Live in Concert – 2011

Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard & Jivan Gasparyan – Duduk of the North (OST Gladiator)

YANNI Prelude and Nostalgia Live (HD- HQ)

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