The Life of Charles Aznavour in His Film “The Look of Charles”

The Life of Charles Aznavour

The film “The Look of Charles” was presented at the Francophonie Festival in the French city of Angouleme on August 25. The author of this film was the great French chansonnier Charles Aznavour. The film scheduled for a public premiere on October 2 was brought to life thanks to director Marc di Domenico.

In 1948, Charles Aznavour received a gift from Edith Piaf – his first video camera, which became a constant companion of the great chansonnier. By 1982, Aznavour had shot various moments of his life and work, the very shots that would become the basis of his diary film.

No matter where he went, Aznavour has always carried his video camera with him. He recorded everything with it – different episodes of his life, the places he visited, his friends, relatives, moments of his joy, and boredom.

A few months before his death, Aznavour along with director Marc di Domenico began processing his shots recorded on his faithful friend, the video camera. Aznavour decided to make a whole film out of all the videotapes he had shot, a film about his life that would be brought to the end by Marc di Domenico.

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