The Skhtorashen Plane Tree, Tnjri – Artsakh

The Skhtorashen Plane Tree, Tnjri - ArtsakhNot far from the Skhtorashen village in the Martuni district of Artsakh rises a great plane tree of 2035 years of age.

Among ancient cultures, plane trees were considered “trees of life”. This particular tree is the oldest and tallest tree not only in Armenia but in former Soviet republics as well.

The Skhtorashen plane tree in regard to its size surpasses the famous trees of the Kos Island in the Aegean Sea, as well as the trees of the Piruze Canyon near Ashgabat. So it is not surprising that locals have been venerating the tree up to this day, calling it Tnjri.

Near the tree is the affluent glacial spring called Tenjru, which has long been quenched countrymen returning from the fields, fed the huge plane tree, and rotated the millstones of the farmers. According to a nearby inscription, the spring was erected by inhabitants of Skhtorashen Hovhaness Kisibekyan, Nerses Musaelyan, and Manas Gasparyan.

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