The Value Of A Human Is In Creation – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“’The value and decency of a person lie in creation rather than owning something since no one will ever take anything from this world with him. You need to leave this world after yourself. For example, like a lion, leave behind bloody traces in the wilderness of mankind,’ told me so Masis.”

“Until the end of time, Armenians should not forgive the Turks. Even if this bloodthirsty tribe that has robbed and killed half of our unarmed people turns into a handful of inglorious ashes on one fine day, they must be called to court, even if it is Judgment Day.”

“The self-awareness of a nation is possible only through their own history. Our own history is our wise adviser, educator of our spirit, and mentor of our national conscience. Two things are well known to an individual familiar with his own history – he knows what he can do and what he needs to do to perpetuate Armenia and what is Armenian.”

“I preach a Free, Independent, United Armenia. Seven times I bow to my Armenian People, the Hercules that has not yet realized his strength.”

“The best decoration of a brave man is a wound received on the battlefield.”

“Yes, life is a struggle. Fighting requires weapons. But the one who borrows weapons from hell is inhuman.”

“My national detachments defeated, disarmed, and captured almost all the military units of the Red Army. And contrary to the agreement concluded between the government of the Republican Armenia and Moscow, my national army with the force of their weapons dictated its will to the Soviet authorities – the annexation of Syunik to Armenia.”

“Political saints are those people who bear a heavier burden than a person can bear to improve the future of their people.”

“The Warrior Code does not teach you to win in any circumstances, but it says – know how to die while winning in any circumstances.”

“A true intellectual is the one who in addition to intelligence has a deep moral character, high ideological ideality, the ability to create new ideals, life forms, spiritual courage, unlimited ability for compassion, and love for the integrity of his people.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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