The Weak Seek To Please The Crowd – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“The weak seek to please the crowd and get the attention of the street. Be a knight, first of all, in relation to your personality.”

“Each ‘I’ is a criminal uprising, each ‘I’ is a reality and a moral attempt to kill the Big Whole which we call a nation.”

“An ideal and its fearless pursuit – this is what gives us the right to be called a human.”

“I am your living sword, homeland, which should bring you victory.”

“Arrogance is not a strength but a weakness. Do not look down on people – this does not add credibility to you.”

“One who recognizes God recognizes his duties to the Highest reality – to the Nation, Homeland, and State.”

“Only a hero can be a fair leader. And to be a hero means to consider your life as nothing in front of everlasting things.”

“The foundation of a person and a society living in justice is at the edge of the cliff, while that of a society living in lies stands on the sand.”

“Be proud… To drag your existence, do not grovel, do not humiliate yourself, and do not deceive… To lie means to scold the truth, to deny means to cease to be a person. Be free… There is no difference between a conscious slave and a criminal.”

“Bow your head only to the ideal and be a free captive of only your ideal. Be unconditional… And allow no concessions. Concessions are a crime.”

“To give way means to be weak and to suffer a shameful defeat … So my prophecy bequeaths its biblical word, and my soul reveals its wings to the captives of the fire covenants…”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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