Tom Goran on Norse mythology dating back to ancient Armenian culturae

From a message addressed to Vahan Setyan

“Mr. Setyan: Here is a image of one of our legendary mountains. Its real name is not known. But you will see the hole in the Mountain is filled with the sun. Many legends about our mountains, I believe they originate from the ancient armenian culture. It reminds me about the Stones from karahunj.”

Tom Gøran Norwegian Research Scientist

by Setyan Vahan

Message from a Norwegian research scientist.

“Hi Mr Vahan Setyan. First, I would like to acknowledge your research in ancient history and your efforts to pass this knowledge on to the younger generations.

I’m an independent researcher from Norway who founded a technical R&D lab within the science of remote sensing and material synthesis. But one of my interests is to understand our ancestors, what knowledge they tried to pass on and ultimately what happened to them.

I have traced them back to Armenia. At the moment, my humble opinion is that from there studies must be focused to trace history further back. Now, I recognised that many of the words/sounds we use in local Norwegian dialect are very similar to Armenian. And also the cultural meaning.

There are so many clues here, I cannot find the place for all of them in this message. But I can mention briefly our use of the sound “kar” . This is meant for a man. “Du er en god kar”, means you are solid guy. In Armenian I believe it means stone/rock which indicate that the norwegian saying means you are solid as a rock.

There are so many clues here. Then I discovered your work and I felt the need to say that I believe you have many great ideas and keep on the good research.

I am happy to connect with you.

Best wishes, Tom-Gøran Research Scientist “ September 21, 2021

Setyan Vahan

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