Turkish Photographer Invites Everyone To The Ancient Capital Of Armenia Ani

Ancient Ani is impressive not only with its historical significance but also its beautiful nature.

Recently, Anadolu News Agency published articles on the ancient capital of Armenia Ani. “The city of Ani, which is called the ’City of Peace and the Cradle of Civilization’, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016,” writes the author.

It is also mentioned that Ani has a rich history. It was the “center of civilizations”, and here used to be the Armenian state of Urartu, also known as the Kingdom of Van, Ararat Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Niari.

The author of the article also invited everyone to visit ancient Ani.

The city of Ani was ruled by the dynasties of Arshakuni, Bagratuni, and Kamsarakan. Ani was the capital of the Bagratuni dynasty in 884-1045. The Turks captured the city in 1065. After that, Muslims and Christians would long live together in the city, the newspaper writes.

Residents of Ani were evacuated after an earthquake in 1319. Ani Armenians would establish villages outside the city, while those who remained would eventually leave the city after the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Source: westernarmeniatv.com

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