Unity Gives Birth to Strength – Strength Gives Birth to Right

Unity Gives Birth to Strength

Strength gives birth to right – Garegin Nzhdeh. Unity gives birth to strength – Monte Melkonyan

Two statements of two great heroes of the Armenian people! Despite the fact that they were made at different times and in different historical epochs, these two statements are of key importance for the future of the Armenian people.

Realizing them and starting to follow them is the key to the invincibility of our people. Unity is a prerequisite for uniting our people!

An Armenian is the one who, within himself or herself, in his or her heart feels belonging to the Armenian people and shares the joys and sorrows of the people and homeland. It doesn’t matter how many percents of Armenian blood is in you, whether you are fluent in the language or do not know it, whether you were born in Armenia or elsewhere in the world.

You are Armenian when you want to be one yourself, ready to share the fate of your people and the motherland, and be close to it in difficult moments.

However, at that moment when you realized that you are an Armenian, you should strive to correspond to the chosen path, for it isn’t sufficient to be born in Armenia and have a last name ending with “yan.” You need to safeguard what has been passed on to us by our ancestors since it is the very formula of our preservation as a nation.

Striving to know the essence of your people is the duty of every Armenian – honor the traditions, know the language, keep the faith…

So, without dividing each other by external factors, we, Armenians, should be united, for unity is power, and power gives birth to right.

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