Victory Over Death Is Conquered With Life – Garegin Nzhdeh

Victory Over Death

Losing a sense of holiness, a person inevitably becomes an animal and a hater. The victory over death is conquered with life, continuing the life of the homeland. Such were the Mamikonyans who dedicated their life and death to serving their homeland – Caesars of conscious death.

They, for whom military art was the art of death, i.e. of remaining a winner before death, perfectly mastered this art – to be stronger than death. There were no foreheads in our world that were worthy of laurels more than the Mamikonyans.

Having the imprint of the history and nature of Armenia, I am an Armenian. By thoughts and experience, however, I am a man, a world man. I am a friend of an unjustly convicted, brother of a martyr, and ally fighting at different poles for a more just world. My desire is a more humane humanity.

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