You are from Armenia, like Charles Aznavour

You are from Armenia, like Charles Aznavour Never hide your national identity for a career or anything else.

I have said so many times “I AM ARMENIAN” that now if someone in France asks the question “Where are you from?” and gets the answer “from Armenia”, they say: “Ah, are you from Armenia like Charles Aznavour?”

We must not forget that Armenian blood flows in us: do not trade it for the sake of profit.

 I am not arrogant, I am simply brought up according to Armenian laws, and our first law is pride!

 I came from the people who survived, not lived, but survived! I love life. And I will love it until death.

We must meet as often as possible. Soon, one of us, alas, may regret not having done so.

I’m not going to retire. I intend to exhaust life to the end because I love it too much…

 I am not afraid of death, I am just happy to live, see, hear, feel, enjoy the world around us. See how prudent I am!

I do not ask, like Faust, to give me back my youth. I would just like to remain the way I am. I would willingly agree to continue to endure all those inconveniences caused by my age. Do not tell me that I exaggerate or ask for too much. Come on! I ask to be bestowed only another thousand years – not so much – just out of curiosity so I see what will our world be in the third millennium!

 If fate will please, it will do everything to direct you along the right path.

by Mikayel Badaliants

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