New DNA studies published in “Science” magazine

Explosive new DNA studies just published in “Science” magazine by the foremost authorities on ancient DNA confirm that the original homeland of the Indo-European language family lies approximately in the Armenian Highlands, a region the authors call the “Southern Arc.”
The cover of the prestigious magazine “Science” says it all.

“This image inspired by Bronze Age art depicts people of diverse cultures spreading their genes between West Asia and Southeast Europe. From left to right: Mycenaean, Minoan, Hittite, Armenian, and Urartian.

A total of 1317 ancient genomes spanning 10,000 years were analyzed to reveal the manifold connections between these regions that are invisible in modern DNA”

In the cover art, a sheaf of wheat and a pomegranate is held by the Armenian figure, and to her right, a sword is held by the Urartian.

DNA evidence suggests the Urartians are direct descendants. They ruled from the 9th to 6th century BC across the Armenian Highlands and the southern Caucasus.

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