A bit from the history of Russia’s policy toward Armenia

Gen. Nikolai Yudenich

During WWI, the Russians occupied part of Turkish Armenia with the help of Armenian volunteer units. In 1916, the Russian government disbanded the Armenian volunteer units.

Gen. Nikolai Yudenich, who led the Russian army into the Armenian-populated areas of historic Armenia during the Caucasian campaign, proposed a plan to deport the Armenians from their homeland. The Russians considered repopulating the Armenian lands with Russian peasants and Cossacks.

In 2009 Russia launched a migration program called “Compatriots” which encouraged Armenians to settle in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians have since moved to Russia. Some Russian sources say there are more Armenians in Russian than in Armenia.

From 1919-1920 Russia gave Turkey 20,000 gas masks, 63 million bullets, 39,000 rifles, 327 cannons, fuel, food, and 200 k of gold. Soon after, Turkey, in alliance with the Bolsheviks of Russia, attacked Armenia.

By Jirair Tutunjian, Toronto

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