A Coupon for Donation Collection With the Signature of Andranik Ozanyan

A Coupon for Donation

This coupon was issued at the end of 1919 in the US by the chief commission “Donations for Salvation” which was headed by Andranik Ozanyan. The coupon reads: “Donations to save those in need in Armenia.”

In the oval in the center of the coupon is a portrait of Khrimyan Hayrik (Mkrtich Khrimyan) half-framed by a laurel wreath and featuring the caption “Hayrik” (Father). To the right of the portrait is the flag of the US and to the left the flag of the First Republic of Armenia.

In the center is the name and surname of the donor – in this case, “Stepan Soghomonyan” – as well as the donated amount – $100. On the lower part of the coupon are the signatures of the chairman of the commission Andranik Ozanyan and the head of the treasury K. Margaryan.

On the right side of the coupon, a needy Armenian family is portrayed – a father, mother, and two children, one of whom is begging for bread or money with outstretched hands. On the left side, you can see Armenia, Mount Ararat, Mount Sipan, and Lake Van.

From the special project “The History of 100 Items Telling About the Armenian Genocide”, Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Andranik Ozanian” page

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