A Few Questions To The Azerbaijani Agitprop

1. How could Azerbaijan “give” Armenia the Erivan province on May 28, 1918, if Azerbaijan was less than one day old (legal capacity of the state)?

2. Do Azerbaijani historians know that one of the conditions of Turkey’s ultimatum to the Transcaucasian Seim in May 1918 was the concession of the “two-thirds” of the territory of the Erivan province?

3. Why did the newly formed state of Azerbaijan, which was proud of its allied relations with Turkey and was aware of Turkey’s demand for the Erivan province, “not present” it to friendly Turkey and instead “presented” it to enemy Armenia?

4. Did you know that on May 28, 1918, on the day of the “donation” of the Erivan province to Armenia, the Sardarapat battle was fought in the Ararat valley where the Armenian armed formations fought back and stopped the invasion of Turkish troops whose goal was the complete destruction of Armenia and the capture of Erivan?

5. Is it possible that the victory of the Armenian troops against the Turkish invaders was inspired by the information about the “donation” of the Erivan province from Azerbaijan to Armenia on May 28, 1918?

6. Everyone knows that the Turkish government supported Azerbaijan. How does such a “donation” fit the allied relations of that time between Turkey and Azerbaijan, especially since the Azerbaijanis assisted the Turks in every possible way?

7. Except for the Azerbaijani historical “evidence”, are there any historians from other states confirming the mythical fact of the “donation” of the Erivan province by Azerbaijan to Armenia?

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