A Fragment from Soghomon Tehlirian’s Interrogation

A Fragment from Soghomon Tehlirian’s Interrogation

Soghomon Tehlirian, the only survivor of his family during the Armenian Genocide, assassinated one of the main perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide Talaat Pasha in 1921.

A Fragment from Soghomon Tehlirian’s Interrogation:

Chairman: Accused, do you consider yourself guilty of homicide?

Soghomon Tehlirian: I do not consider myself guilty because my conscience is calm.

Chairman: Why is your conscience calm?

Soghomon Tehlirian: I killed a man, but I’m not a killer.

Chairman: When did you get this idea?

Soghomon Tehlirian: About two weeks before the murder, I somehow felt bad, and the pictures of the massacre again appeared before my eyes. I saw the corpse of my mother. The corpse rose to its feet in front of me and said: “You saw that Talaat is here, and you remained indifferent. You are no longer my son!”

Chairman: What have you done then?

Soghomon Tehlirian: I immediately woke up and decided to kill this man.Armin Wegner – The Trial of Talaat Pasha

Court – About Soghomon Tehlirian (in Armenian without translation)

“Court” was based on the novel by Perch Zeytuntsyan about Solomon Tehlirian who has shot the executioner of the Armenian people Talaat Pasha in Berlin.

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