A Letter to Garegin Nzhdeh from a Member of the Military Council of the 11th Red Army

A Letter to Garegin NzhdehIn 1921, in a letter addressed to Garegin Nzhdeh, a member of the military council of the 11th Red Army Hecker with irony asked what the residents of Zangezur were hoping for and what they could do.

In a response letter, Nzhdeh told about the heroic deed of one woman from Syunik. She hadn’t drunk water for three days but at the same time carried water for the Armenian soldiers from the Araks River.

She was shot at by the Reds two times. The first time, only one of her jugs was broken. The second time, she was wounded. But after that, when everyone was sure that the wounded woman would not return, she arrived in the agreed place with the water.

“The perseverance and the will of the wounded Armenian woman filled our souls with fire and revenge, and in thirty minutes, your people crawled away from our mountains.

Here is my strength,” wrote Nzhdeh in conclusion.

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