A tragic story of one family, the Armenian Genocide

The year 1915. Armenian Genocide. Turks mass murdered and slaughtered Armenian families, leaving no mercy for women or children.

Realizing that the chances of saving the family are zero, the mother tears the family carpet in half and orders her daughters to run at night, save themselves at all costs and bring a patch of carpet with her. This is the only thing girls can leave the house.

Mother asks you to take care of your part of the carpet, as it will save you from the heat and the cold and help you find each other in the world wherever they are.

The sisters saved but lost each other. And halves of the carpet came together only after 50 years.

Now, this carpet is one of the valuable exhibits in the private collection of the Megerian Family, which can be seen in the Megerian Carpet Factory Museum (Yerevan-Armenia).

by Armenians And Armenia

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