American Committee For Armenian And Syrian Relief – 1917

The American Committee For Armenian And Syrian Relief established in 1915 on the initiative of US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau organized exhibitions in various cities of the United States, aiming to inform the American public about the Armenian suffering and to call for donations.

During its 15-year activity (1915-1930), the Committee raised $117 million in donations to help refugees in the Middle East (including Armenians), providing them with housing and food.

“Given the need and urgency of assistance, I reiterate my appeal to the people of the United States to continue donating as much as they feel is consistent with their conscience and generosity to help this tortured people.”

From the appeal of US President Woodrow Wilson to the American people on October 29, 1917.


Photo: A fundraising action for helping the starving Armenians by the American Committee For Armenian And Syrian Relief in the American city of Seattle. In the car are Uncle Sam representing America, as well as Mother-Armenia and two girls representing Armenian orphans. The car travels the streets of the city with an appeal for American participation in donations.

Photo source: “Armenia. The Worlds Spells Tragedy”, New York, 1917

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