An Armenian Warrior Does Not Bring Death, But the Turks Should Shake from Fear – Karvachar, 1993

An Armenian Warrior Does Not Bring DeathThis video from the Artsakh War includes the revelations of Azerbaijani elderly, one of whom quite rightly noted, “We would not treat you that way. You provided us with everything.”

There are many differences between nomads and settled civilizations, but one of them is the most remarkable. An Armenian warrior doesn’t massacre people. At the same time, nomads think that their highest achievement is to invade the homes of defenseless people.

Today, in addition to preserving the territorial integrity of Artsakh, the supreme goal of our army should be the inevitability of the punishment for each murder of an Armenian soldier and, moreover, for each atrocity committed against the Armenians.

A Turk must shake in fear, realizing that should he commit an inappropriate action against soldiers and/or civilians, punishment is inevitable. If a nomad understands only brute force, then he should receive force.

Translation from Armenian: 4:15 – 6:30 – We waited for an entire day for their people to quietly leave. There were two or three thousand people, and when several of their helicopters ended the evacuation, we calmly entered the city. And the city was almost empty.

Those who couldn’t be evacuated went towards Kirovobad. We received a strict order not to harm civilians that don’t show aggression. And we would follow this order.

My battalion was the first to enter Kelbajar. Almost in every village we checked, there have been people – mostly elderly – who had been abandoned and left to the mercy of fate. They complained about their children who had left them to die.

I felt sorry for these people who had been abandoned here, but this was an original Armenian land. There were a lot of khachkars and also dilapidated ancient churches here, and we were well aware of this. This territory has been and will be Armenian.

Translation from Azerbaijani: 7:46 – 8:55 – Our lives haven’t changed. Armenians treat us well, even better than our Azerbaijanis. I have two daughters who left us here and ran away. And if I asked the Armenian fighters, they would take me to them.

It’s not us who are to blame for this war. Our government must think better of it, and we must live peacefully next door to the Armenians as we used to be. We, working civilians, keep cattle, and the Armenians therefore will not harm us, they will not offend us.

8:55 – 9:01 – If we now go to Azerbaijan, then our Azerbaijanis can shoot us at the border, the Azerbaijanis are “orash” (bitches). We would not behave like you. You truly behave nobly. You gave us everything we needed for living – clothes, blankets, food, a place to stay, everything we needed.

Карвачар (Кельбаджар) – апрель, 1993 г.

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