Ani – The capital of medieval Armenia

Ani – The capital of medieval Armenia, now occupied by Turkey, currently lies in ruins and deserted. Ani is located in the Kars province, near the border with Armenia.

It was once the capital of the medieval Armenian kingdom, covering most of modern Armenia and the east of Turkey.

The city was known as the “City of 1001 Churches” and “City of 40 Gates.” Ani was located in the web of several commercial routes.

Numerous religious buildings, palaces and fortifications of the city of Ani are among the most advanced structures of the medieval world, both technically and artistically.

The population of the city of Ani at its peak was 100,000 and rivaled Constantinople, Baghdad and Cairo.

Known for its splendor since ancient times, the city of Ani was attacked by the Turks, and then abandoned and forgotten for centuries.

After the Armenian Genocide, the cultural genocide of the indigenous Armenian population of Historical Armenia began in Ottoman Turkey, which continues to this day.


Medieval Armenia & The City of 1001 Churches

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