Ani, the City of 1001 Churches

Ani, the City of 1001 Churches

The ruins of Armenian cathedrals, churches, and temples are still standing in the lost city of Ani. Currently, the city is located in Eastern Turkey, in the territory that has been once called Western Armenia. Located near the modern Russian-Turkish border, the city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adventurer Jeremy Curl visited the city in 2016. During his trip, he filmed the area with the help of drones. The images and a video captured by him can be seen below. Jeremy reached the city from Mount Ararat in 5 days on horseback, led by Kurdish shepherds traveling north over the rough terrain.

Despite its bloody history, the city of Ani has a calm and mysterious aura. From 961 to 1045, Ani was the capital of the Ani Kingdom – or Bagratid Armenia – which’s borders used to occupy much of what is today known as the Republic of Armenia.

Ani is commonly called the city of 1001 churches. Several trade routes have run through it, and its religious buildings, palaces, and fortifications have been among the most technically and artistically perfect in the world.

Ani, Armenian City of 1001 Churches

Medieval Armenia & The City of 1001 Churches

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