April 2016 – Another Russian-Azerbaijani War Against Armenia

Exactly 95 years before the beginning of the April 2016 war, on April 2, 1921, the Russian army entered the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, to break the will and desire of the Armenian people to live in an independent and lawful country.

The Armenian military forces led by sparapet Kuro Tarkhanian retreated to Syunik, where they joined Nzhdeh’s armed forces and continued the fight against the Russian-Azerbaijani invaders until July 13, 1921.

And here, it should be noted that without the knowledge of the Kremlin, its consent and support, Baku would never dare to launch large-scale military operations on the contact line of the Armenian-Azerbaijani troops in 2016.

The four-day war of 2016 was another Russian-Azerbaijani hostile action against Armenia, the purpose of which was to bring the Republic of Armenia to its knees with the subsequent surrender of Armenian territories to Azerbaijan.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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