Aram Manukyan’s Speech On The Eve Of The Battle Of Sardarapat

On the evening of May 21, 1918, during a rally in the square in front of the building of the city hall, Aram Manukyan made a short speech. An atmosphere of despair was reigning at the rally.

“I came to inform you that the enemy has captured Sardarapat and is moving in the direction of Etchmiadzin. We only have one way out – either we take weapons and go out to meet the enemy, or we will be slaughtered like sheep…

Whoever wants to live, take firearms without wasting time, also take a supply of food for three days, and immediately address the seminary building for enlisting and departure to the front. It’s up to you.”

The people responded to the speech of Aram Manukyan:

“It is better to die at the front than to be slaughtered in our homes!”

From the recollections of a participant of the Sardarapat battle M. Manasiryan

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