Armenia Under Bagratids

Armenia Under Bagratids After the Arabs had been driven out from Armenia, the peace set by king Ashot II lasted for more than 100 years.

The Bagratid Armenia entered into an agreement with the Byzantine Empire. Thanks to that, the spread feudal possessions went under Armenia’s control.

Subsequently, the country stepped into a period of economic and cultural development. Under Abas I Bagratuni (928 – 953), the capital was moved to the Kars city-fortress. Overall, the cities of the state underwent rapid expanding, the economy improved, as well as the domestic and foreign trades were put in order.

The reign of Ashot III is notable for the reorganization of the army. Besides, the Ani fortress became the new capital of Armenia.

The city of Ani has been known as the city of a thousand churches, and its visitors have always been astounded by its beauty. Nonetheless, Ani with its surroundings (the Ani Kingdom) was soon passed to the Byzantine Empire.

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