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Armenian Carpets – CNN The Silk RoadWe have covered Armenian carpets on our website several times, and this time, we offer you some insight into CNN The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future’s exploration of Armenian carpets. According to CNN The Silk Road, Armenia’s rich tradition of carpet weaving had been a multi-million-dollar industry as of November 23, 2015.

Since antiquity, Armenian carpets and tufted rugs were used to cover floors, decorate interior walls, sofas, chairs, and beds. In Armenia, carpets often serve as entrance veils and as decoration for altars and vestry in churches. Carpet weaving has been a tradition among Armenian families: as an example, nearly all Armenian women have been engaged in making carpets.

Armenian carpets could be viewed as unique “texts” with sacred symbols and ornaments that reflect the religious ideas and beliefs of ancient Armenians. Makers of Armenian carpets and rugs made sure to preserve the Armenian traditions by following the presentation of one and the same ornament-ideogram that is the basis of any Armenian carpet.

However, because carpet weavers used a vast number of color and style variations, one probably can’t find two carpets that are identical. This makes the variability of ornaments the characteristic trait of Armenian carpets.

CNN The Silk Road: Armenian carpets

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