Armenian Linguists In The Literature Of World’s Nations

Among the Armenians, there are quite a few representatives whose genius gave impetus to other languages. For example, Soviet linguist, scientist, a native of Artsakh Ruben Avanesov created the first dialectological atlas of the Russian language in 1938. Our parents and grandparents also studied with the Russian language textbooks of his student S.G. Barkhudarov.

In the same 1938 in the Tajik SSR, the first Russian-Tajik dictionary based on the Cyrillic alphabet developed by Sergei Arzumanov was published. Arzumanov also became the founding father of the Cyrillic writing of the Tajik language.

And mentioning the Iranian languages, which includes the Tajik, one cannot but mention the Iranian scientist-linguist of Armenian descent Mirza Malcolm-Khan (Melkumyan) who gave the Persian script in Arabic special signs that distinguish Farsi from the Arabic script.

In 1881 in St. Petersburg, A. Tsagareli published the work “Brief Georgian Grammar Compiled by Zurab Shanshovani in 1737”. Shanshovani, being of Armenian descent, was the author of the grammar of the Georgian language and composed his creation by the order of King Vakhtang VI. It was essentially the first grammar of the Georgian language.

Finally, one cannot fail to mention Turkish linguist Agop Martayan (Dilâçar) who was the founding father of the modern Turkish language and writing. He also had a number of works on Turkish grammar and various dictionaries.


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