Armenian peasant women weaving carpets, Illustrated by London News Oct 12, 1895

The art of carpet weaving is a traditional craft that dates back centuries in Armenia. Carpets, often referred to as “knots of love and life”, have played an integral role in the cultural and artistic history of Armenia.

The image depicts Armenian peasant women from the late 19th century engaged in the art of carpet weaving. As seen, the women are dressed in traditional Armenian attire, signifying the rich heritage and cultural authenticity of the time. They seem to be in the midst of weaving, surrounded by tools and looms.

During the 19th century, carpet weaving was an essential skill passed down from generation to generation, especially among women. Armenian carpets are known for their unique designs, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns. Often, these carpets depicted scenes from nature, religious themes, and traditional folklore.

The London News, a renowned publication from the 19th century, captured many such snippets of life from around the world. This particular image from October 12, 1895, serves as a valuable glimpse into the lives of Armenian women and the intricate craft of carpet weaving.

Incorporating these traditional crafts into modern-day interiors or art exhibitions serves as a testament to Armenia’s rich cultural heritage and ensures that these age-old traditions are celebrated and preserved for future generations.

Image source: Gayane Ayvazyan Հայաստան Armenia Армения

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