Armenian Protestant Church in Elazig

It is a historical Evangelical church built during the Ottoman period in the century. The Evangelical Church was turned into a public toilet after the Armenian residents of Elâzig (or as it was called at the time Mamuretul-Aziz) were murdered in the Armenian Genocide 1915

During the Republic period, the historical church Barley Flour Factory was used as a marketplace, sheep place, and parking lot.

Although Diyarbakır has been registered on the protection list of the Regional Directorate of Culture and Natural Resources Protection since 1973, the church is not protected and is in ruins.

The Christian frescoes found inside were heavily damaged by cars driving into the church. Although the letter E is written in Armenian in the church, it is recorded as “Syrian Church” on the protection list.

Famous professor Dr. Armenag Haygaziyan was buried here, but his grave was also destroyed.

Armenians And Armenia

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