Armenian Writing System in Armenia’s Pre-Christian Era

Armenian Writing System in Armenia’s Pre-Christian EraThe existence of an Armenian writing system before the adoption of Christianity has been frequently spoken of. Moreover, in certain circles of social networks, one can often come across heated debates about this.

The catalysts for this kind of a dispute were the temporary unawareness and lack of data on this issue, which was due to the meager information in the Soviet and post-Soviet period.

In the Soviet period, the history of Armenia was subject to massive and aggressive falsification to justify the transfer of the Armenian territories to the neighboring states.

The most serious reason for the falsification the history of Armenia is the creation of a second Turkish country with stolen Armenian territories, which was named Azerbaijan.

This was done at the expense of Armenia because the countries were formed on the Armenian lands. The plan to fulfill the set goal was developed and was and is supervised by Russia.

In such circumstances, it is difficult to speak and even more so prove the history relating to the most ancient history of Armenia, if not impossible. Therefore, such a sensitive issue related to the writing system of Armenia in its pre-Christian period was a subject of very heated disputes.

Logic suggested that the large-scale translations made on the basis of the alphabet created by Mesrop Mashtots, including the translation of the Bible, which is rightfully considered the queen of translations in the world, would be difficult to do without an existing, obviously archived database.

The development of archaeological research on the territory of present-day Armenia, as well as the entire Armenian Upland, already allows the Armenians to operate with specific facts on the issue of the ancient Armenian writing system.

Artak Movsisyan, an Armenian scientist-historian, gave a complete picture on that issue. See the video below for details.

Նախամաշտոցյան Հայաստանի գրավոր մշակույթը

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