Armenians – Abandoned and Betrayed by Everyone – Fridtjof Nansen

Armenians - Abandoned and Betrayed by Everyone“Armenians cannot be our friends after what we have done with them” – Minister of the Interior of the Ottoman Empire Talaat Pasha, from the memoirs of the US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Henry Sr. Morgenthau, p. 339.

“And I do not blame the Turks for what they do with the Armenians. I think this is fully justified. A weak nation must die” – Human, emissary of the German Kaiser in the Ottoman Empire, from the memoirs of Morgenthau, p. 375

“The world will always hold Germany accountable; the blame for these crimes will be your legacy forever” – Ambassador Morgenthau to German Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Wangenheim, from the memoirs of Morgenthau. p. 381.

“The actions of the British government inevitably led to the terrible massacres of 1895-1897, 1909, and, worst of all, to the genocide of 1915… The horrors for which history will always consider us guilty” – Prime Minister of the UK David Lloyd George, “Memories of the Peace Conference.”

“You are a damned and rotten government” – Fridtjof Nansen to Lord Robert Cecil, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK. “Well, all governments are like that” – Lord Robert Cecil in response.

“Suffering. Yes, through suffering, humanity is purified – at least, those who are strong and resistant. But is there any nation in any corner of the world that has suffered as much as this nation which was abandoned and betrayed by all, including by those who, in the name of holy justice, promised to help?” Fridtjof Nansen.

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