Armenians And Yezidis – Surviving Together, Winning Together

We’ve lived with this nation side by side since time immemorial. It just so happened that we have established a high level of organic coexistence with this nation. Furthermore, we not only achieved coexistence but fought together in times of threat since our enemies didn’t differentiate between us.

Whether it is the Battle of Sardarapat, the Artsakh Conflict, or the April War, the Armenians and Yezidis have survived and won on this land together.

May 28 is an important date for our common statehood. On this holiday, we value Yezidi heroes alongside all Armenian heroes.

One day, we will have a state that instead of the monument to Gandhi will establish a large and beautiful statue of Jangir Aga. Then, we will not be ashamed of our statehood, like we were ashamed when we were unable to support the Yezidis in northern Iraq during the genocide of the Yezidi people carried out by our common enemy.


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