Armenians In Ottoman Turkey Before The Genocide – Rare Photos

The American educational portal IWitness dedicated to the victims of genocides has recently published photos depicting the life of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

These photos have been made public through collaboration with the SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives project. Its purpose is to collect, document, preserve, and present to the public both archival and contemporary photographs of Armenians.

The first publication of 70 images will complement the testimonies of Armenians who had survived during the years of genocide. These photos tell about the economic prosperity of Armenians before the Genocide and about resilience in times of persecution and violence.

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives was founded by Ruth Tomasyan in 1975. This extensive and diverse collection has over 45 thousand photographs. The photos show all aspects of the life of Armenians in their homeland and in a foreign land and cover the period from 1860 to the present day.


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