Armenians of The Byzantine Empire – Charles Diehl

Armenians of The Byzantine Empire - Charles DiehlThe origin of many best generals and excellent administrators of Byzantine Empire is Armenia.

Even some emperors came from Armenia, like Heraclius in 7th century, Leo V the Armenian and Romanos I Lekapenos in 9th century, and John I Tzimiskes in 10th century. Total number of rulers of Armenian origin of Byzantine Empire, according to various sources, is 20-40.

Armenia has given beautiful soldiers and politicians to Byzantine Empire. In 10th century, the Armenian units were considered the best squads of the Byzantine army.

From the middle of 9th century to the beginning of 11th century, among the brave and devoted rulers of the empire five have been particularly noted – Basil I the Macedonian, Romanos I Lekapenos, Nikephorus II Phokas, John I Tzimiskes and Basil II. It is well known that they all had Armenian roots.

Charles Diehl, French historian and a leading authority on Byzantine art and history.

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