Armenians prevented the fusion of the Turks and Tatars, with the consequent destruction of Christian civilization

From The Evening Herald Paper in Klamath Falls, Oregon, March 16, 1920. The following is written:
“The Armenians had an army of 200,000 in the Russian Caucasus.

They served not only under the Czar, but under Kerensky, and stood fast even after the Bolsheviki had destroyed the Russian government, and the Russian armies elsewhere along the eastern front had retired from the field. Turkey asked her Armenian subjects to induce the Russian-Armenians to rise against Russia. Turkey promised the Armenians complete independence after the war, and Germany guaranteed it.

If this proposition had been accepted, the holy war, jihad, would have blazed forth. 265,000,000 Moslems would have united. 10,000,000 Turanians in eastern Russia would have attacked Russia in the rear and compelled her withdrawal from the field.

The little Armenian army in the Caucasus, ALTHOUGH DESERTED BY HER ALLIES, promised food and ammunition withheld, stood staunchly throughout the days of despair when the French were driven back upon Paris and the British upon Calais, Armenians prevented the fusion of the Mohammedan races, with the consequent destruction of Christian civilization. Read what General Allenby says about it.

For five and a half months ARMENIANS HELD BAKU against the combined attack of Tartars and Turks, preventing the Germans from securing the much-needed supply of petroleum for the airplanes from one of the largest oil fields in the world. Ludendorf says this lost Germany in the war!

Source: Armenian Lives Matter

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