Armenophobia In The German Empire

During the Armenian massacres of 1894-1896, the German government prevented international sanctions against the Ottoman Empire and the reforms in the Armenian issue proposed by the British.

The tone of coverage of the issue was set personally by German Kaiser Wilhelm II who claimed that Britain was attempting to destabilize the power of the Ottoman Sultan. Wilhelm also accused Britain of the deaths of 80 thousand Armenians.

In the draft memorandum of the German Foreign Ministry, the massacres were explained by provocations from the Armenians. This reflected the stereotype prevailing in Germany during the colonization of the Ottoman Empire that the Armenians were greedy and treacherous deceivers. Such characteristics given by the Germans aimed to gain the confidence of the Turks and facilitate the penetration of German influence into the Ottoman Empire.

In the end, Hitler would come to a political basis prepared for fascism.

Grigor Narinyan

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