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Artsakh (Arm. Արցախ) (Small Syunik, Deep Armenia, Orkhistena by ancient authors) is a historical region, the 9th province of Greater Armenia.

Artsakh Covered the territory of modern Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent areas.

From the beginning of the II century BC. e. until 387 CE e. Artsakh was part of Greater Armenia, whose northeastern border, according to several Greco-Roman and ancient Armenian historians and geographers, passed along the Kura (Kur) River.

In the 1st century BC e. Artsakh was known under the name “Orkhistene”. Strabo mentions “Orchistene” among the Armenian provinces. The Armenian king Tigran II the Great built the city of Tigranakert here – one of the four cities of that time that bore his name.

Armenian archaeologists identify with Tigranakert an ancient and medieval city, which was discovered near Aghdam.

According to their reports, the remains of the citadel, the ruins of a Christian basilica of the 5th-6th centuries, hundreds of items similar to those found in Armenia were found here. The city existed from the 1st century BC. e. until the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

This part of Artsakh is now occupied by Azerbaijan

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