Be An Armenian – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“Be an Armenian, first and foremost an Armenian because the Armenian throughout his history was more human than an Armenian, and it is for this reason that his tragedy was unparalleled.”

“All great deeds, victories are the eagle fights of the nations’ spirits. The new Armenian woman should realize this and strive to become an eagle in order to teach her eagles the wide-wing impulse – in the name of the Great Future of their nation.

Looking into the eyes of the Armenian eaglet reflecting the depths of the spirit of the nation, we can proudly say that the building of new Armenians does not rest on sand, that it has a future, for it has eagle nests – it has a generation of eagles. Work, work, work Armenian woman, so that tomorrow, Armenia becomes the home of eagles!”

“Despite the foreign yoke, Armenians continue to feel superior to those who dominate their land by force.”

“Try to keep your word as a light and truth – that lightning that illuminates all objects even before the strike.”

“Having the imprint of the history and nature of Armenia, I am an Armenian. By experiences and thoughts, however, I am a man, a world man. I am a friend of the unjustly convicted, the brother of the martyr, and the ally of those fighting at different poles for a more just world. My desire is a more humane humanity.”

“I love the sword of the Armenian king who ‘didn’t fall’ but, like a fiery lamp, remained hanging over the Sepukh mountains and on starless nights of history illuminated the centuries-old path of the Armenians.”

“May all your children be honest and brave. Then, there will be a just, politically strong homeland.”

“A great human is the expected support, comfort, mission which from time to time is sent to the world for this or that nation and humanity as a whole.”

“Some people notice the sun only during twilight.”

“‘The value and decency of a person lie in creation rather than in the possession of anything. Because no one will ever take anything from this world. You need to leave something for this world after yourself. For example, like a lion, leave bloody traces after you in the wilderness of mankind,’ Masis told me so.”

“I am always happy to do everything that the Fatherland requires of me.”

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