Boghos Bey Yusufian – Advisor to the Viceroy of Egypt

Boghos Bey YusufianFamous Egyptian leader of Armenian origin Boghos Bey Yusufian was the first translator and adviser to the Viceroy of Egypt Muhammad Ali. He also served as minister of commerce and foreign affairs of Egypt. In the 1790s, Yusufian became a customs officer in the city of Rosette.

Boghos Bey Yusufian was a highly experienced diplomat. In 1839, during the negotiations with the Sublime Porte, he achieved that the position of the governor occupied by Muhammad Ali became hereditary for him. Thus, the foundation of Egypt’s statehood was laid.

Boghos Bey Yusufian spoke seven languages. Muhammad Ali himself admitted that except for Boghos Bey, no one could replace him.

Boghos Bey Yusufian died in Alexandria in 1844. By the order of Muhammad Ali, 40-day mourning was declared in Egypt.

In accordance with Yusufian’s testament, his entire estate was presented to the Armenian community of Alexandria, including a two-story building. Half of this building became a church, and the other half served as dwelling for clergy.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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