Bombardment Of The Pioneer Camp “Jraberd” By Azerbaijanis – 1991

“A new type of terrorism has appeared in Nagorno-Karabakh. Bombardment from helicopters and cars got complemented with piracy.

According to the deputy police chief of Martakert District Nikolai Grigoryan, last night on the Sarsang reservoir, four unidentified individuals on a boat that had arrived from the direction of the Azerbaijani village of Umudlu, Martakert region, opened fire at the Jraberd pioneer camp.

At that moment, only Armenian watchmen were in the camp – fortunately, no one was wounded, and the building only received minor damage. The “corsair” terrorists have fled. Although the irony here is inappropriate, it’s good that the depth of the Sarsang reservoir does not accommodate warships and nuclear submarines.”

V. Khachaturian, “Soviet Karabakh”, issue 52, March 20, 1991

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