Captain Mosesov – A Hero of the First Republic of Armenia

Captain Mosesov – A HeroThe story of captain Mosesov (Gurgen Ter-Movsisian) isn’t covered that much because he factually refused to carry out an order of his commanders. But in many ways, it was his disobedience that prevented the advancement of the Turkish army in Armenia in 1918.

In 1918, an experienced but not so decisive Armenian general Tovmas Nazarbekian, a commander of an army corps, deeming the Turkish army unstoppable, in despair demanded from the Armenian National Council in Tiflis to make peace with Turkey.

Nazarbekian’s decision to dismiss a part of his corps, convert several units into partisan groups, and move the artillery to Lake Van and conceal it in one of the villages was announced by the Armenian commanders in Dilijan.

Captain Mosesov – A Hero of the First Republic of Armenia

“I will not obey this decision. That’s betrayal. No one has the right to play with the fate of Armenians in such a way. I along with my armament right now will be departing to the front to fall on the battlefield. Those who consider themselves men and who bear Armenian blood may follow me,” declared Mosesov.

Having received support from his colleagues-commanders, Mosesov determined to battle and stop the advancement of the Turkish army, which was many times superior to the Armenian forces.

On May 25, 1918, the Battle of Karakilisa took place between the Armenian and Turkish armies. The battle lasted four days, being the largest battle that took place in Eastern Armenia in 1918. The advancement of the Turks was put to a stop. In another clash, the Battle of Sardarapat – a symbolic episode from the Armenian history – the Armenians managed to achieve a final victory, smashing the Turks and preventing them from conquering Armenia.

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