Chronology of the Battles of Levon I, Ruler of Cilicia

Chronology of the Battles of Levon I, Ruler of CiliciaSummer 1185 – The battle of the Thil Hamtun fortress where the Templars and the Hospitallers were crushed.
May 1187 – The battle of Sis, ended with the defeat of the Sultanate of Rûm’s troops.
May 1187 – The battle of the fortress of Harney, the Ayyubid Sultanate’s troops were crushed.
May 1187 – The seizure of the fortress of Sarvandikar from the Ayyubid Sultanate.

Spring 1188 – The unsuccessful siege of Prakana.
Summer 1188 – The Battle of Prakana. The garrison of the Sultanate of was crushed, leading to the surrendering of the fortress.

Summer 1188 – The conquering of Seleucia, Irakleia, the fortresses of Lavzat and Lulua from the Rûm Sultanate.
May 1191 – Participation in the seizure of Cyprus from the Byzantines.
Spring 1193 – Seizure of the fortress of Berdus from the Sultanate of Rûm.
Summer 1193 – The seizure of the fortresses of Darbesac, Bagras, and Gaston from the Ayyubid Sultanate.

Summer 1193 – The Battle of the Gaston Fortress where the Antiochians were crushed and the Duke of Antioch was captivated.
Spring 1194 – The seizure of Antioch without serious resistance. The Armenians would then shortly leave the city.
1197 – The capture of the fortress of Antiokhak from the Byzantines.
March 1198 – the capture of the fortress of Lambron from the Armenian Hethumid dynasty.

Summer 1201 – Armenians attacked Antioch but soon retreated.
Autumn 1201 – The Sultanate of Rûm in the west of Cilicia was crushed.
November 11, 1203 – Armenians attacked Antioch but retreated due to the superior forces of the Ayyubid and Flemish knights.
1205 – An unsuccessful attempt to take away Plasta from the Sultanate of Rûm.

Autumn 1205 – An unsuccessful siege of the Templar Rosalees.
Late December 1205 – A draw battle at the Darbesac fortress against the Templars.
Early January 1206 – The battle of Lake Amk, ended with the defeat of the nomadic Turkmens.
Early April 1206 – The Battle of Lake Amk, the defeat of the Ayyubids.

Early April 1206 – The battle of the Darbesac fortress, another defeat of the Ayyubids.
1207 – The seizure of Antioch and retreat.
1208 – The Sultanate of Rûm and the Ayyubid Sultanate captured the fortresses of Berdus and Unkuzek, as well as the cities of Ayntap and Marash.
1209 – The defeat of the Rûm Sultanate’s troops in the west of Cilicia.

Spring 1211 – The Battle of Heraclius, the defeat of the Sultanate of Rûm.
Spring 1211 – The seizure of Larand, Kolonoras, St. Sophia, Manavzat, Alaya, and Astra from the Sultanate of Rûm.
Spring 1211 – The capture of Caesarea and retreat in exchange for beneficial peace.

1215 – Participation in the Fifth Crusade.
February 14, 1216 – Seizure of Antioch.
Late February 1216 – The Battle of the Shoghakan fortress. Because of a treachery among the ranks of the Armenians, the Sultanate of Rûm prevailed.

March 1216 – Plunder of the possessions of the Sultanate of Rûm; signature of a peace treaty.
1218 – The Sultanate of Rûm seized the fortress of Tlpashar.
1219 – The Antiochians expelled protege of Levon Ruben-Raymond from Antioch.

Levon I Ruler of Cilicia

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