Cilicia – Musa Ler

Cilicia - Musa LerIn July 1915, during the Armenian Genocide, some of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were forcibly gathered in the city of Antakya. But the majority did not obey the deportation order of the Ottoman authorities.

In the face of the approaching Ottoman troops, they all ascended under the leadership of the fedayis Yagubyan and Movses Ter-Galustyan to the very top of the mountain Musa Ler. Having reinforced the mountain slopes, the Armenians heroically fought off the Turkish attacks for 53 days.

In the end, the warship “Guichen” from the 3rd French squadron noticed a flag hung on the sheer mountainside facing the sea. Soon, three more French and English ships noticed this flag.

By the order of the commander of the 3rd squadron Admiral Louis Dartige du Fournet, 4.048 Armenian survivors who had just run out of ammunition and food supplies were rescued. Armenians of Musa Ler were evacuated to the Egyptian city of Port Said.

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