Confiscated Property Of Armenians – The Backbone Of The Turkish Economy

Renowned Turkish historian and publicist Taner Akçam, author of a number of studies on the Armenian Genocide, congratulated historian Ümit Kurt on completing the book “The Armenians of Aintab: The Economics of Genocide in an Ottoman Province”. The book is expected to be published in April by Harvard University Press.

As a result of the genocide committed in the Ottoman and Russian empires in 1895-1922, the Armenian people suffered huge economic harm in addition to human and territorial losses.

The economic power of modern Turkey is based on the financial assets confiscated from Armenians. Seizure of property continued during the Kemalist rule, under Russian leadership in 1923, and with military involvement until the early 1950s.

“The Armenians of Aintab: The Economics of Genocide in an Ottoman Province” is based on Ümit Kurt’s doctoral dissertation from the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Taner Akçam hopes to establish a standalone Armenian Genocide faculty at Clark University.


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