Dvin, The Ancient Capital of Armenia

Dvin, The Ancient Capital of ArmeniaThe map featured in the video below was drawn by Roman historians almost two thousand years ago. It depicts the whole world known to Romans and the Great Silk Road in particular.

The Great Silk Road was a network of trade routes established during the rule of Han Dynasty of China, which at that time linked other regions of the ancient world. The center of that trade network was located in the country of Sera Major or China.

The northern routes of the Great Silk Road went through the major cities of the Armenian Highlands. The ancient city of Dvin was a large commercial center and the capital of the Arsacid Armenia and was built by King Khosrov III in 335.

Unfortunately, the city no longer exists as an earthquake destroyed most of it. It is nothing more but a memorial of stones located on a large hill between Hnaberd and Verin Dvin southwest of the modern Dvin village, Ararat Province, Armenia.

Documentary Dvin was designed within the framework of the Andin project by Ruben Giney. More about creators en.wikipedia.org The direct author of 3D model Ashot Ghazaryan.

Двин: исчезнувшая столица Древней Армении – Video in English

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