Excerpt From Von Kressenstein’s Report On The Karabakh Issue – August 1918

The head of the German commission in the Caucasus Von Kressenstein has spoken about the Karabakh problem well before it became a major issue and political direction.

“At present, Turkey wants to launch an offensive from Azerbaijan on Karabakh inhabited by Armenians to devastate the local population under the pretext that the local Armenians are aggressively opposed to Muslims.

Turkish politics is clear. The Turks have an intention to destroy the Armenians. Armenians are persecuted wherever possible – they are provoked to create pretexts for new attacks. When this does not succeed, then they are forced to starve and go begging. To this end, they are robbing the occupied areas.”

Note: Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein was the commander of the German military mission in the Caucasus. Above were excerpts from his report “Deutschland und Armenien…”, (doc. No. 426, Tiflis, August 5, 1918).

Harutyun Harutyunyan

P.S. Nothing has changed. The goals and performers are the same (including the descendants of the Armenian Bolsheviks). Only individuals are different – after all, 105 years have passed.

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