Famous Arabized Muslim Armenians

Famous Arabized Muslim Armenians who served Arab leaders and governments:

Wardan, Anbasa Ibn Bahr Al Armany, Barmak Ibn Abdallah Al Dabily (from Tvin), Muhammad Ibn al Makheesy Al Makheesy al Khelaty (from Khelat), Muhammad Ibn Bashir Al Qaly (from Karin), Muhammad Ibn Wazr Al Qaly, Emir Ali Ibn Yahyah al Armany, Emir al Hossein Ibn Ali Ibn Yahyah Al Armany, Emir Muhammad Ibn Yahyah Al Armany, Yahyah Ibn Mahmood Ibn abi Al Hassan, Emir Badr Al Gamaly Al Armany, al Afdal Ibn Badr al Gamaly, Talaee IbnRazeek, Maamun Ahmad Ibn al Afdal Ibn Badr al Gamaly, Yanes, Badr al Deen Lulu. Several Armenians remained Christian (Bahram, abu Saleh al Armany). There were also prominent Armenian Muslim women.

They were the mothers and daughters of the eminent Armenian Arab Muslim men.

By Jirair Tutunjian, Toronto

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