From A Letter By Hovhannes Tumanyan To Avetik Isahakyan

“I don’t want and cannot write long and in detail about our country, your inquiry notwithstanding. I’ll write to you briefly. We have destroyed our country from within and from without. Mostly we.

I say ‘we’, and it is true. Some are interfering scoundrel, some are thieves and robbers, and some – the helpless and unfortunate. And no crowd – not even the smallest group of people – exhibited a reviving spirit and moral vigor.

Among so many calamities and defeats, we didn’t see the perpetrators – no one was held responsible, no one answered for it. And it goes on. With the same people and via the same routes.

And not even one of them committed suicide, which would have proven the existence of shame and conscience in these people. But what am I saying? They didn’t even bother to grieve, or pretend that they are grieving.”

December 9, 1921, Polis-Venice.

Source: Հովհաննես Թումանյան

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