From the history of Armenians-repatriated in the 40s of the XX century

The first caravan of repatriates arrived in the port of Batumi on the “Transylvania” steamer on June 27, 1946.

Most of the Armenians who arrived in Armenia at that time were from Damascus and Beirut.

The number of repatriates who arrived on the “Transylvania” steamer was 1806 people.

Two days later, the repatriates were sent by train from Batumi to Soviet Armenia.

The second caravan of repatriates arrived in Batumi on July 14 and brought 1830 repatriates.

A few days later, they followed the first immigration caravan.

At that time, the resettlement of Romanian-Bulgarian Armenians to the USSR was also organized, then Greek Armenians, and the resettlement of Iranian Armenians began in July-August 1946.

According to the 1946 census, by mid-October about 11 thousand families, or more than 50 thousand people, had immigrated to Soviet Armenia instead of the planned 25-30 thousand.

Source: Ani Yerevanskaya Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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