From The History Of Deportation Of Armenians By The Order Of Stalin – May 1949

On May 29, 1949, the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the No. 2214-86 top secret decree signed by Stalin. This decree was titled “On the provision of transportation, resettlement, and labor arrangements for evicts from the territory of the Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani SSRs, as well as the Black Sea coast.”

The deportations began at dawn on June 14th, 1949. By the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 00525, about 15,103 ethnic Armenians living in the Armenian SSR were exiled to Altai Krai and Narym. The total number of trains involved in the deportation of Armenians was 16.

The number of families exiled from different areas was as follows.

  • Yerevan: 461.
  • Etchmiadzin: 182.
  • Martuni: 155.
  • Ashtarak: 152.
  • Goris: 148.
  • Hoktemberyan (Armavir): 126.
  • Leninakan (Gyumri): 117.
  • Kirovakan (Vanadzor): 116.
  • Akhuryan: 101.
  • Stepanavan: 97.
  • Sisian: 86.
  • Artashat: 85.
  • Mikoyan (Yeghegnadzor): 84.
  • Azizbekov: 79.
  • Artik: 77.
  • Kotayk: 73.

More than 60 families were exiled from Akhta (Hrazdan), Alaverdi, Spitak, Kapan, and Kalinino (Tashir). 40-50 families were exiled from Aghin, Ghukasyan (Ashotsk), Basargechar (Vardenis), Meghri, Shamshadin district, and Krasnoselsk. 19 families were exiled from Noyemberyan, 13 from Amasia, 8 from Zangibasar (Masisa), and 7 from Ani.

Armenians living in the Georgian and Azerbaijan SSRs and the Krasnodar Krai of the RSFSR were also deported. In particular, 1831 people were exiled from Georgia.

The blacklist also contained “Dashnaks”, some criminals, previously arrested and exiled repatriates, and prisoners of war. The main charge against the repatriates was that they allegedly came to Armenia to blow up the Nairit chemical plant.

On September 21, 1949, the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs adopted another decree on additional deportation of Armenians. Among those repressed under this decree were Hrachia Acharyan, Grigor Ghapantsyan, Mkrtich Nersisian, Abgar Hovhannisyan, Vahan Rshtuni, Armenak Takhtadzhyan, Avetik Ter-Poghosyan, Ler Kamsar, Gurgen Mahari, and other scientists and artists.

Yura Torosyan

Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 2214-856ss

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